Villa Dantia

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Tavira, East Algarve, Portugal

     Just 40 minutes from Faro Airport

Local Info

On the door step of the villa are lots of walking/mountain bike tracks that stretch for miles and miles through the nearby forest, past orange and olive groves down to the sea or past small vineyards and villages where the smell of wild lavender fills the air as you climb higher and higher into the hills.


Hidden behind a hill and along one of the tracks about 10 minutes walk away is a reservoir where you can pick and eat your own figs then fish or swim as the sun is setting with hardly a soul in sight.


If you want to witness a true Portuguese tradition, throughout the summer months at various local villages (within 3-10 minutes drive) you will find outdoor dances with live music, they are free to get in, the drinks are cheap, the atmosphere lively and friendly with a mix of people of all ages, and the dancing… unusual!


When you tire of mixing your own cocktails and taking the top off your own beer, the local bar is just a couple of minutes walk from the villa. Don’t expect silver service and plush leather sofas but you will meet interesting ex-pat Germans, Dutch, Brits and local Portuguese folk and made to feel very welcome indeed.


Twice a week the baker comes along in his yellow van, he speaks only portuguese but a bit of pointing will do the trick, then just hold the money out  he will only ever take the right amount!


There are also fish , general groceries and dessert delivery vans that come round once a week.

What's Here (around the villa )

Dry white port and tonic with mint and lemon


The handmade double choc ice-cream in Tavira


Freshly squeezed orange juice from Tavira Market


Bolinas creme (doughnuts!) on the beach


Tuna Belly (Barriga de Atun )


Vino Verde (Portuguese Green wine with a slight fizz)


Oranges and Melons from Roadside traders


Sardines from the BBQ


Kayaking on the Rio Formosa (lagoon)


The ferry boat to Tavira Island



What to Try