Villa Dantia

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Tavira, East Algarve, Portugal

     Just 40 minutes from Faro Airport


One of the most popular activities on the planet, so from a short stroll to an all day hike...

Villa Dantia is the perfect base from which to explore this beautiful countryside.


The walking paths go on for miles and miles, starting from the end of the driveway they branch off in various directions, (I doubt you will pass another person along the way until you pass through the small villages),

you will pass olive and orange groves down to the sea, or head off up into the hills, picking FIGS and ALMONDS as you go...


If you go in the spring time, the smell of WILD LAVENDER fills the air, as does the ORANGE BLOSSOM, for me this is the best time of year on the Algarve, everything is so green, the temperature fluctuates from the low to mid 20's, the sun is warm on your back and not burning, the warmth is invigorating NOT sapping.


If you can, take some binoculars as there is often a big bird of prey circling

above, a rare Golden Oriole swooping on the breeze or woodpeckers doing their thing!


There are also wild pigs out there, though we have never seen one, they obviously like to stay out of the way, not so the Chameleons, which you often see doing their funny slow walk , so much so, we tend to move them out of harms way.


For walkers another good time to come, is the end of September onwards,

the summer sun has lost some of it's strength but now all, and what better way to end your walk than to jump into the villas pool!


IF YOU WANT A GUIDE for the first day/few days or even the whole week the price is as follows...

€10 per hour for the first person and €2 for each extra person